Thursday Night Docs Screening!

Come on out and be with us for the first screening of EP1 of the Docu-Series!

Mel Video Thumbnail


Super happy for this surprise opportunity to share episode one! It represents an important step in repping all the loving, healing, critical mass of artists and activists, organizations and government folks that are co-creating a 21st Cent where we order our world in loving movements and get our systems in right order. If you can’t join in person at the Awareness Film Festival 2018 Join me in celebrating love on Thursday, wherever you are, consider the possibilities of love, share a story you’ve never told anyone, give a lift up to someone who needs it, ask for something you need, be someone who embodies love in our neighborhoods and communities. Thanks for all the sharing on Facebook, it has helped me stay committed along the way, as I tackled what has become my first series editing job, your posts and the beauty of the deeply complex and wonderful tapestry of thoughts that this platform allows has been with me the whole time ❤️

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz is a writer / director / love activist living in LA.

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