For Prayerful Consideration. What Are We Leaving Behind?

I love Sundays for its ritual and the quiet contemplation of lifting my heart up and bowing my head in prayerfulness. I love Sundays because it reminds me I don’t have to have all the answers. I can rest in the power and glory of God. It is a unique day regardless of belief, or how you choose to spend it, around the world a large percentage of folks still ascribe to Sunday as a day for Church, a day of family, a day of rest, a Sunday Funday, a bit of revitalization for the week ahead. I like to think of Sunday as a gift to expand consciousness and reset and nourish my heart.

Last Sunday First Congregational Church of Los Angeles opened an ‘exhibit’ at their church gallery of ‘found’ objects migrant asylum seekers had to leave behind on the Southern Arizona border. They are presented below with limited comment in their bare form. It was a helpful and meaningful frame of reference to experience the collection of personal family photos, cherished mementos and items left. It added deep fuel to my prayers for immediate reconnection of all families separated, and a renewed request to respect all who choose to enter our home, prayers for revitalization for our immigration systems with border flow allowing a complete and total shift in consciousness.

When we have a choice as to what we will leave behind it helps to hold the door open for those who do not have a choice. It is possible to answer the call to keep our hearts open, to be kinder, to act with compassion and to create understanding and wellness across our lands and sea and air.

Migration is part of the beautiful natural flow of our earth that contributes to an abundant and powerful world full of wonderful people with amazing gifts to share.  What is taking place at self defined borders is not natural, it is man made and as such can be shifted with love. In many cases Migrants have left homelands to flee from cruelty, injustice and dangers of their homelands. They are seeking a way of living in peace and prosperity. We have the abilities to make a change in how we approach our borders.

Our attention, our care, our work, our kindness, our love is what we want to leave behind in the hearts of those we encounter for it is through these higher energy forms the world expands naturally.

Make today a day where you consider the possibility there is another way. May we remember. May our loving actions create an unbroken chain of kindness and respect and nourishment and justice for all. May those who remain separated know they are loved, may those who need comfort be comforted and may those we need justice receive it, now.

My heart is attentive to the work of baring witness and holding space for a new way of reorganization and grace for all people who need our help. As we treat others is how we treat ourselves.

Join in, raise your voice, share your gifts, be someone today who takes a stand for the world we want to live in, full of justice and peace and grace for all.

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