Wherever You are is Perfect.

Adobe Spark (1)The worlds we inhabit are always moving, interconnecting, overlapping, augmenting and extrapolating. We are in a time of an alchemical shift in consciousness. We can’t formulate from what we know, it is time to release anything that does not bring you peace. We can’t figure it out,…, the “why this?” or “how is that?” We must give over to the death of what was, into the unknown, the void beyond our fear into the heart of love.

This is the 21st Century. We are in a revolution of the heart. Be someone today that remembers we are all a part of the human heart. Consider the possibilities of love, maybe ask ‘What Would Love Do?” and do that. Try to refrain from dismal thoughts and meaningless laments over the state of an already mad world at odds with the sins of the past. Release it. Allow today, now, the present to be unhinged from the past and be with everything exactly as it is. The miracle is any moment you don’t bring the past into the present because you allow the future to be something entirely different, creating a new trajectory for your heart to move, to grow, to shift and change. Salvation’s time has come. Enter the Heaven of now, this time, itself to be a time of grace for you and for the world. Salvation’s time is every moment you lay down your defenses and remember to love with all your heart.

At one point people thought the world was flat (some people still do and they remain stuck in the world flat thinking creates.) We are suggesting you enterain the possibility that everything you know is absolutely a lie of your BS (Belief System, Bull Shiiiite, etc.)

Maybe say a tiny prayer… who knows what you will be called to do. Listen, experience, try it another way.

Allow me to be a light for peace and never ending joy to myself and those I meet.

Have Fun.

Love, Mel


Mel is a writer and love activist.

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